For Your Roof Trusses in Ottawa,
Choose Trussforce

Looking for sustainable roof trusses in Ottawa for your commercial rooftop construction or for a residential project? At Trussforce, our high-quality roof trusses are built using cutting-edge technology, leaving nothing to chance. By using this technology to design and assemble your roof trusses, Trussforce can ensure your residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural construction projects anywhere in the Outaouais area are solid and durable. Our team of specialists can help you design your custom roof trusses by offering a variety of configurations tailored to your needs.

With our technology, a model of the exact roof truss plan you need is directly displayed by laser on one of our assembly tables, ensuring optimal accuracy for your designs.

Whatever you need, your roof trusses can be designed and manufactured in our high-tech factory. Call us now to start planning your project.