Flooring Systems, Joists, Laminated Beams in Gatineau

Whether you're building a new home or renovating the one you currently have, Trussforce can help you choose the flooring system that's right for you. Trussforce provides our customers in Ottawa with the highest quality laminated beams, rimboard, stirrups, and glue needed to assemble your flooring system.

As we are specialists in the manufacture of roof trusses in Gatineau, Trussforce materials ensure a solid roof, but it is important not to neglect the stability of the floor. The roof and the floor are connected. We recommend that you prepare your plans and order your production at the same location, at Trussforce, to increase the overall quality of your construction.

Combine Roof Trusses and Flooring Systems

When designing your roof truss plans, we can prepare your floor plans at the same time so that the load transfer is optimally distributed over the support points to prevent your structure from being overloaded by weight. We offer plans that combine your roof trusses with your flooring system (joists), ensuring maximum weight-bearing strength so your structure will more easily withstand weather and wear and tear.

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