Engineering Services
for All Types of Construction in the Outaouais Region

There is no set formula to calculate your load transfers to ensure the load bearing strength of your structure. At Trussforce, we provide Outaouais residents with engineering services to ensure that your plans comply with building standards when making your detailed plans and selecting your design. To save time and for peace of mind, trust our Trussforce engineers. We are at your service for your residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial projects.

A Professional and Qualified Team

Every day, nearly thirty qualified, experienced and motivated employees are at their posts to serve you. We have gained the trust of our commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural customers due to the quality of customer service we provide, as well as our speed of production achieved at our state-of-the-art facility. Our engineers are ready to advise you to help you realize all your small or large construction projects.

Knowing that every construction is different, our engineering department will know how to advise you on all types of building projects, including:

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  • Residential

  • Business

  • Factory

  • Agricultural building

  • Farm

If you need an engineering consulting service for your commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural construction project, do not hesitate to contact our engineers today.

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